International Fútbol X-Change (IFX) has been a leading international soccer organization since 2003. IFX provides professionals, amateurs, and youth soccer players total immersion programs in a variety of international destinations. International soccer academy? Summer soccer camp? Football Trials? We do it all. Our soccer training programs and Soccer Academies in Spain, England, Italy, Germany & Brazil enable participants to train within a foreign club and enjoy a true international soccer experience in some of the finest international soccer clubs.  


  • Real Madrid Soccer Camp: Spain Soccer Camps
  • British Soccer Camps Locations: Nike Football Camps; near Liverpool - Soccer Camp with English Language
  • Year long soccer immersion programs in Germany, Spain, England, Italy & Brazil
  • Professional & semi-professional soccer/football trials
  • Goalkeeper Camps: Intensive Goalkeeper training in Germany


IFX Soccer – Goalkeeper Camps in Germany

January 19th, 2017

IFX Soccer Germany - Goalkeeper Training Camps

Liverpool, Paris, Barcelona, Munich - Germany is considered as one of the best countries when it comes to developing young talent goalkeepers into international stars. With the game of soccer rapidly developing and changing, so is the interpretation of a modern, activly participating goalkeeper. Due to intense individual training sessions with a focus on various aspects of goalkeeper training, young players are learning the basics of becoming a fully developed goalkeeper.

This summer international goalkeepers from Mexico, Colombia, USA and United Kingdom attended the Pro IFX 30 Day and Youth Summer IFX soccer and goalkeeper programs, to be trained under the guidance of german goalkeeper coaches. In addition those goalkeepers had the chance to train with german soccer clubs in the evening to experience life of a goalkeepers within a german soccer team or even participate in exhibtion matches with our Pro IFX 30 Day program against german amateur/semi-professional socce......

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Youth Year IFX Spain – Tafadzwa Chapoto in Barcelona

January 12th, 2017

Youth Year IFX Spain - Tafadzwa Chapoto

Another participant in our Youth Year IFX Spain program is the young Zambian/American soccer player Tafadzwa Chapoto. Born in East Lansing, Michigan, Tafadzwa is currently training with Esplugenc CF in Barcelona. Focussing on the soccer and learning a new language has been a great experience for him: "... my Spanish has improved so much since I left that I believe to be now fluent (I dream in spanish now!)"Having a great support from his teammates and his coaches along with the host family, Tafadzwa has found a perfect environment to grow as a person and soccer player during this exchange year experience: "Everyone in my team has been supportive... I am stronger and know the game better! - I have improved technically and I believe I have more awareness of what goes on in Spainish football. My coach has been really supportive as well. Also my Spanish is improving with my family, that I have come to lo......

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Pro IFX Year Spain: Female Soccer Player Juliana Ratton (20)

December 7th, 2016

Pro IFX Year Spain - Juliana Ratton signs with C.E. Júpiter

Another Pro IFX Year player is making a big impact during her exchange year in Spain: Juliana Ratton is playing for her new team C.E. Júpiter in Barcelona. Originally from Texas, Juliana started playing soccer at the age of 5 and recently decided to participate in the Pro IFX Year program in Spain. Playing as a forward with her new soccer team in Barcelona, she is working her way on making it as a permanent starter. Juliana is excited to learn as much as possible during her time in Spain and becoming a better soccer player with this experience: "I am enjoying learning a new style of play, although it is more difficult than I thought it would be." We wish Juliana all the best on her way to develop her soccer skills through our Pro IFX Year program in Spain!

If you are interested to experience an exchange year in Europe combined wit......

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International Soccer Camps, European Soccer Camps, Residential Soccer Camps


Since 2003, International Fútbol X-Change (IFX) has been a leading international soccer organization offering unique and Elite International Soccer Camps, Soccer Academies, and Soccer Training Programs in Europe and South America:


British Soccer Camps, Soccer Schools & Academies in England


Spain Soccer Camps, Soccer Schools & Academies in Spain


Germany Soccer Camps, Soccer Schools & Academies in Germany



Italy Soccer Camps, Soccer Schools & Academies in Italy


  • Italy Soccer Camps: Europe Soccer Camps with Professional Italian Football Clubs – Coming Soon!
  • Italy Football Training Program Soccer Study Abroad in Italy for High School soccer players. Geared towards US Youth Soccer Development Academy players and other competitive players from around the world. (Ages 15 – 19) Youth Year IFX Italy


Brazilian Soccer Camps, Soccer Schools & Academies in Brazil


  • Brazilian Soccer Academies Year long Brazilian soccer training program for youth soccer players in high school. High school student exchange in Brazil with Futbol. (Aged 15 – 19) Youth Year IFX Brazil



Goalkeeper Camps, Soccer Goalie Training & Goalkeeper Academy in Europe


IFX has extensive experience working with goalkeepers and goalkeeper training is available within all of our soccer camp and international soccer training programs. Specific goalkeeper camps are available as a part of most of our Youth Soccer Camps and our Pro IFX 30 Day Germany program.


Semester & Year Long Soccer Academies & Soccer Programs




The Youth Year IFX program, a soccer exchange program and the latest alternative to international soccer academies, soccer camps, and boarding soccer schools, gives high school soccer players the opportunity to compete within a foreign youth soccer club while studying abroad at a foreign high school and living with a host family.


Sebastian Mantello, above, a 16 year-old from Melbourne Australia, trained with Hamburger SV of the German Youth Bundesliga, during his Youth Year IFX experience with Bavarian powerhouse club, FC Schweinfurt 05 where he competed for the 2007-8 season.


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With official partnerships with academic exchange institutions, the IFX soccer exchange program provides a unique opportunity for immersion into a foreign culture through soccer.





Most international soccer camps and soccer boarding schools train participating players in large groups amongst themselves, but our soccer exchange program enables players to:

  • Participate in the normal training activities of the foreign soccer club
  • Compete as fully registered players of the youth team according to their age subject to FIFA regulations and approval by National and State Soccer Federations
  • Learn from licensed European soccer trainers
  • Learn from other highly competitive European soccer players


This advantage of being the sole IFX participant on the foreign squad forces rapid technical development and enhances the players’ ability to learn and adapt to a foreign environment. Players also learn tremendous life skills in communication, foreign language, and take away a heightened sense of accomplishment.


The program is open to both high school age girls and boys, who have a good scholastic record, a strong interest and desire to excel in soccer, an interest in experiencing a foreign culture and language and are looking for an alternative to an international soccer academy.


The Youth Summer IFX, our Summer Soccer Camps alternative, also provides young American players with a unique two-week long summer program.